A modern business website needs to be managed and maintained in order to be effective and efficient.

"A website makes a lasting impression, in seconds"

So many business websites are out of date from the moment they are published! Owners pay ££££'s for a new site, which looks great, but forget to consider how they can ensure it stays up to date, and changes in-line with their business.

Benefits of website maintenance

Our monthly website maintenance plans are designed to cover EVERYTHING to do with managing your business website.

  • Work with ANY website
  • Fix broken websites
  • Fix issues with emails/domains
  • Ensure news/blog is up to date
  • Create news/blog content
  • Publish to social networks
  • Add/update pages
  • Add/update images
  • Add/update forms

How does it work?

We provide you with a dedicated email address and access to our help desk system. So you can either email or create a request for an update to your website which will be immediately picked up by our team and dealt with.  If we have any questions then we will contact you via email, and once the changes have been done we will ensure they are approved by you before we publish them to your live website.

1. Request an update

2. We make the changes

3. You approve them

4. We publish them

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