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What is a domain name?

Published Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Next on the list is domain names (i.e. - what is this all about?

In a previous article I covered what a website is and how it basically is a set of files on a computer that is publicly available on the internet.

Now every computer on the internet (the international network of computers) has a unique label (called an IP address) which is made up of four numbers separated by dots ( Which means for example you can visit and this will take you to a website...still with me?

If this was the only way to find a website then businesses would have a pretty hard time marketing their websites - simple visit one-seven-three dot one-nine-four dot, you get the idea.

So instead we have nice simple names which we humans can use for our website which is then translated by computers into the numbers. So is actually

These nice simple names are website domain names which every website needs to be branded/promoted/found on the internet. They have different endings depending on the type of or location of the website. For example is a company in Australia, .fr in France, .org for an organisation (i.e. charity), and so on.


I recently came across this nifty little guide to help business choose a domain.  Courtesy of

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