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Have you played Sudoku lately?

Published Wednesday, January 13, 2021

When it comes to advertising I think of phrases like "It's a numbers game"...  

Most people view this as a way of saying you need to get your advert in front of as many people as possible in order to get results. I view it slightly differently. Sudoku is a numbers game. If you play Sudoku once every few months and throw away your attempts then you will never succeed. If you are serious about getting results then you would play regularly, record your results in order to learn from what you did before.

Are you playing the game?
Does advertising work for your business? This is a question I put to a lot of business owners and regardless of the answer - I always follow it up with the question. How do you know? For me this is the most intriguing question. Why? Because most business owners don't know. Most business owners ARE playing the numbers game.

Change the rules in your favour
How do I play the numbers game? How do I know advertising does/doesn't work for my business? I measure every advertising campaign. At any point I can see how many people engaged with the advert, how many people became customers and how many became leads.

I do this by using my website.

By simply creating a new page on my website and placing the link to this page in the advert. This way I know any visits to this page could only have come from people who saw the advert. If I advertise in a magazine which goes out to 10,000 people and I get 175 hits on the web page then I know the advert engaged 1.75% of the readers. So next month I can change the design of the advert or change the position in the magazine and see what difference it makes.

I can also do this without using my website - I could use a unique telephone number or email address on the advert. Then measure how many emails or calls I receive.

Now ask yourself the question. Does advertising work for me?
If you feel the answer is YES - then ask yourself how do I know?
If you feel the answer is NO - then ask yourself how do I know?

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