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3 essential tips for your business website

Published Friday, January 8, 2021

As 2015 gets started I find more customers who are looking to revamp their business website for the year ahead.

So here are my three tips on what you should do if you are looking to re-design/refresh your business website in 2015.

1. Essential information on the home page
You have 3-4 seconds to make an impression with your website.  so if you home page does not provide the right information or the right feel straight away then you are letting new customers walk right out of the shop.

The primary goal of any visitor is to find what they are looking for - quickly.
Does your home page provide all the essential information your potential customer's need? 

Visitors have a problem and are looking for a solution. So make sure your home page gives all the essential reasons why they should buy from you.  Or at least enough of an impact to keep them from leaving. More importantly make sure there is a call-to-action (at least one)!

2. Information to educate your customers
You need to have a blog, or at least a section of pages which educate your customers about your business/product/industry.  A space where you can publish answers to common questions or concerns. It may start out as a single page with 10 frequently asked questions - which is fine, but over time you should be looking to grow this into 10 separate pages, then 20, 30 - you get the idea.

It helps set you as the expert in your field and is also good for boosting your website with Google.

3. Clear pricing
How much does it cost? Surely this must be one question which EVERYONE wants to know. So tell them! Some businesses may be reluctant to or find it difficult to give fixed prices. But  you can give an idea, a starting/average price which will help visitors when deciding which company to go with.

Plus, when someone contacts you and they have seen your website, you know they have the budget to spend!

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