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Why do 84.8% of business owners NEVER update their website?

Published Friday, December 11, 2020

I was recently archiving some old client details and I thought I would take the opportunity to look at their websites. 

Out of 205 websites over a three year period, 174 were exactly the same as they were when we created them! That's 84.87%! Exactly the same!

Now these are clients which we classify as "fire and forget". In other words we were hired to build their website and nothing else. We would create a design, in some cases provide the content - bring it all together and put it live. These websites tend to be fire and forget because the business owner was not interested in paying for their website to be managed or maintained.

Once the site is live our job is done, the responsibility for maintaining the website lies with the business owner. Some of these sites are over three years old. A lot can happen in three years so I would be amazed if the original website still reflects the business today.

So I got to asking myself...why? Why has the website not been updated?

In most cases we created the site on a content management system so changing things or adding new content is relatively easy to do. We also provided welcome packs to demonstrate to clients how to make these changes. It really is as easy as writing an email or editing a document. If you can use a computer you can update your website.

So the mechanism for making changes was there.  Then why has the website not changed?

Because the business owner has no interest in their website. They may have had some interest in it when we were creating it - but it has long since dwindled away. Any visitors they were once receiving have also dwindled away over time. They are getting no business through the website - so don't see any business benefit in having it or maintaining it.

The issue behind this lack of interest is this....
...Most business see a website as nothing more than an online brochure!

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