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What if you could plug into The Matrix?

Published Saturday, November 14, 2020

I am hoping you remember The Matrix film from 1999, with Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne.

If you do then I am sure you will recall the scene where Keanu plugs into the matrix and learns KungFu in a matter of seconds.

Image courtesy of Matrix Wiki.  All rights reserved.

If you don't remember or have never heard of this film, then in short - characters can learn any ability or skill by simply downloading the information into their brain. You want to learn Spanish, bang! You now know Spanish.

What if you could plug into The Matrix?
Let's imagine for a second this technology was available today. Let's also imagine you were looking to learn the skills required to make your business website a success. What ability would you download?

I ask this question because I REALLY want to know. I REALLY want to find out what challenges you face when it comes to managing and/or maintaining your business website.

I can guess things like: "I don't get any business from my site", "my site is out of date", "I am not getting enough visitors", "I don't have time to update my site", "I don't know how to update my site"...but all these guesses are based on what I think matters.


Spare 2 minutes of your time and email me directly at Answering the question: What is the biggest challenge you face with your business website?

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