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#1 way to overcome your greatest fear

Published Saturday, November 28, 2020

This is my 100% proven (yet un-scientific) way of overcoming your greatest fear.

In this case I am referring to your fear of writing, but this amazing technique can be applied to most phobias (although this is un-proven so you will have to just take my word for it).

Now I know what you are thinking. 
"Fear of writing!". "What fear of writing?". 

I am not talking about the kind of fear which brings back repressed memories of Peter Benchley's Jaws every time you see a pen and paper. Or makes you freeze with hockey-mask horror when you open Microsoft Word. This fear is much worse. It is the unknown fear which is tucked away in your sub-conscious. This little voice which tells you "You're not a writer", "Everyone will laugh at you", "You were never good at writing at school". 

This is the fear holds us back.  This is the fear of failure!

The fear which has been embedded in our psyche since the first day we went to school. The good news is (as a business owner) you have already faced this fear before! This is the same fear you encountered when you started your business. The doubts which kept you awake at night, the friends and family questioning your judgement "Are you sure you can run your own business?".

This fear stops us from doing things we know we should do. It stops people from starting their own business. It stops people from following their dreams. It stops you from writing amazing content for your website. Content which will get you to the top of Google, bringing hundreds of customers directly to your door (aka website).

So what about this 100% proven (yet un-scientific) technique?
So the one way to overcome this fear is to...avoid it at all costs. If you are scared of spiders...avoid spiders. If you are scared of heights...stay away from the edge. If you have a fear of writing - or find you are unable to write anything about your business which is worthy of going on your website - then avoid it. 

But wait...I need content on my site to make it work. I need to write or my website will fail.

So here is the answer. Record yourself TALKING about your business. Write some questions and record yourself giving the answer. Then give the audio to someone else to transcribe for you and thus creating the content you need whilst avoiding the writing.

ps - If you want to get fancy then there are plenty of apps/sites/services out there which will transcribe audio for you. Simply put "online audio transcription" into Google.

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