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What can your business not live without?

What can your business not live without?

Written by Andrew Larkin

In a moment of crisis do you have everything your business needs to survive?

Most people tend to carry what they consider to be essential in their wallet/purse. These are things like bank/credit cards, store cards, drivers license, emergency cash, all the types of things which you cannot live without.

If you extend this to your briefcase/handbag then you may also carry cheque book, business cards, etc. If you are anything like me then in your office you will have a drawer where you keep paper copies of bank details, VAT details, companies house details, etc. All the things you consider business critical. All the things you need to be able to get access to either regularly or at short notice.  All the things your business cannot live without.

Now comes the question...
Where do you keep your business website credentials?
Where do you keep your business website domain credentials?

What I am talking about here is the username and password you use to access your business website. The username and password you use to access your business website domain (i.e. www.yourcompany.co.uk).

At a very basic level your business website and your domain are intellectual property. If you come to sell your business an effective website and good domain name become valuable assets.

More importantly if something goes wrong with your website, emails, domain name. Do you have the information required for someone to fix them?

What can you do?
Most websites and domain providers now have a lost password/username feature. So you can retrieve or change your password, take a copy of the details and put them somewhere safe. A written copy in a drawer/file is always good to have.

Contact your current provider and request a copy of the all the relevant credentials and again put them somewhere safe.
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